Blogging with Andrea

Real Estate

The prospect of buying a home can be so very overwhelming, but so very exciting at the same time.  It is without a doubt a fabulous thing, when opportunity presents itself to achieving home ownership.

If you are like me, you google and research everything, until you feel your head is spinning, and I know you know what I am saying here.  The internet makes us experts on everything these days, or so we wish to believe.

We look at every Real Estate site, we read everything they say, and guess what, they can even tell us what a property is worth without even seeing it.  WOW, who needs a Realtor.  After all, the internet sites told us exactly what to do, and we all know that everything on the internet is correct.

Now, back down to reality we go.  A computer generated report, with no human input is exactly that. When I put a report together, be it for a buyer or seller there is some definite research I do with that.  I take a very good look at why homes sold for what they did.  Were they foreclosures, short sales, did a homeowner sell their own home.  All those things factor in to attaining a quality report.

As fabulous as technology is, and yes it is a wonderful thing, a real conversation, with an actual Realtor is where you are going to get your answers.  It doesn't cost anything to talk to a Realtor.  Rather it might very well cost you not to.

There is so much involved whether you are buying or selling and being well informed is the first step.  Again keep in mind, you are talking about a huge investment you have either made or will make.  Take things one step at a time, feel comfortable with your decision, and let someone with knowledge be there for you.